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All personnel AMEL (Ateliers Modernes d’Electricité) are committed to the management to satisfy the requirements and expectations of customers.
Customer satisfaction, personal health and safety, as well as the preservation of the environment are essential issues in the realization of AMEL’s services. Therefore, AMEL’s quality policy must demand a high level of professionalism in order to create a credible image that is necessary to promote confidence in customers while preserving optimal working conditions for its employees.
It is in the spirit of respect for these stakes that AMEL is committed to developing a management system integrating Quality, Safety and Environment in compliance with requirements and information on compliance with regulations.
The customer is a king ie. Be responsive to clients’ needs and expectations, and respond to their requests and commitments as part of their responsibilities.
The staff:
Place staff at the heart of the process and organization, ensure that profiles and positions are aligned, promote the improvement of the skills and qualifications of all employees and streamline communication
The job:
Aims to achieve the objectives of the processes, Ensure the impartiality of the inspectors’ judgment during the execution of their activities, to guarantee the confidentiality of the information gathered during its inspection activities.
Safety and environmental respect:
Complying with safety and environmental regulations, assessing occupational risks and implementing measures to reduce them, and becoming aware of the environmental impact of AMEL’s activity.
The AMEL organization:
Accompany our strategic development by respecting our commitments, convey a dynamic and respectful image in the field of geotechnical studies, Encourage continuous improvement and efficiency of AMEL’s management system, Ensure AMEL’s independence given the field Activity and the conditions under which it provides its services.
In order to achieve these objectives, the management and the AMEL staff are committed to applying the principles described in this policy, which will be monitored and will be the subject of an improvement plan. Of the management review.